The ADPT Strap (pronounced “adapt”) is the All Day, Purpose and Terrain American-made nylon watch strap that comfortably and stylishly keeps your watch on your wrist. Jog with it, ride your bike with it, swim with it, run errands with it, go to work with it... wash it off and do it all again. The ADPT Strap is based on a military design that cleverly features a security-band underneath, ensuring that your watch stays on should a spring bar fail. ADPT Strap is a must-have accessory for your wrist watch.

Three years in the making, the ADPT Strap is currently the only American-made nylon strap of its kind. All ADPT Strap components, including the shuttle loom woven nylon ribbon, 316L stainless steel hardware, bonded nylon thread, sewn-in label and even packaging are sourced and manufactured in the United States of America. 


A portion of ADPT Strap proceeds is donated towards  conserving and protecting America’s natural resources.



It’s easy to take a nylon strap for granted, but trust us, a lot goes into each and every one. First, the nylon needs to be woven. This is an incredibly arduous process that begins with mono-filaments of nylon no thicker than a hair. These get braided together to create the fibers that are then woven into ribbon. Before that happens, the loom has to be prepared to weave the specific ribbon needed, a process that can take days. Once ready, the ribbon is woven on a traditional loom with wooden shuttles and all, and then dyed in a machine that is bigger than your average Brooklyn apartment. 


Once done, each ADPT Strap gets laser cut out to create clean and precise edges all around. At this point, the straps are ready to meet up with the hardware, which has its own story. Each ring and buckle starts off as simple steel stock, which has to be extruded, bent and stamped (for the buckle) into shape. 


Finally, everything comes together in NYC where we stitch, package and ship them out!



1. Remove old strap and put spring bars back in place

2. Feed ADTP Strap between spring bars and watch case,

pull through.

3. Feed strap through security-band loop, pull tight.

4. Place watch on wrist, pull strap through buckle to reach desired fit.

5. While on your wrist, feed excess strap up and through loops.

6. Fold extra strap down and tuck back through loops.

7. You're done, now go out and play!

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